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Water and Wastewater Treatment

Environmentally responsible and cost-effective water treatment protects the health and future of your community by managing precious water resources in a sustainable manner.

The FirmGreen project team members have been constructing and upgrading water treatment facilities for over 75 years. We combine a global breadth and depth of experience with innovation and insight through every phase of the water cycle, so we are able to develop and implement long-term solutions for managing water resources and providing safe drinking water.

Our industry leading water treatment plant contractors have successfully completed municipal and industrial water treatment projects totaling more than $800 million over the past 10 years. Our civil engineering and project management team has global expertise to deliver comprehensive environmental engineering and management consulting services to solve our clients' most complex water challenges.

FirmGreen's patented VerdeControls™ enables 360ยบ system visibility 24/7/365 in real-time over a secure network. Our remote management capability results in highly efficient plant operation, saving money and time. Its core technology for plant operations allows facility managers to continuously monitor and manage systems, enabling them to meet or exceed regulatory requirements.

Renewable Energy

With our strong background in renewable energy, we are able to effectively combine wastewater treatment with environmentally responsible production of biogas that can be used to power the water treatment plant or be sold to nearby customers. Our ability to purify biogas to a fuel-grade product helps facility stakeholders achieve even greater economic benefits.

Project Operational Support

Our Project Team has unique expertise, and international capabilities to help you to ensure that your water project always operates at peak performance.

24x7 Customer Support

Our customer support and Project Support Command Centers in Newport Beach, CA and Kokomo, IN provide continuous monitoring and diagnostics services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Dedicated Support

Utilizing our extensive water plant knowledge knowledge the FirmGreen Team is there to ensure a timely resolution whenever and wherever you need us.

Operations and Maintenance Support

FirmGreen offers a wealth of engineering expertise and a wide range of flexible service solutions tailored to the maintenance and operation needs of your water project. These service options include technical advisory services to operations support on-site as needed.


Our goal is to provide our customer with the highest quality training attainable so they can efficiently operate the processes we have put in place for them. In addition to learning to maximize the efficiency of their equipment, we strive to help our customer's technicians and engineers build skills and methods that will help them succeed throughout their careers.


FirmGreen and its Project Partners have secured U.S. ExIm Bank financing for its international Clients and Project Entities. Our corporate banking partner, Wells Fargo Bank has specific expertise in arranging international project finance. Through our law firm partner, Paul Hastings, LLC., we offer legal expertise specific to infrastructure development projects around the world, in developed and developing nations.

Our ability to self-perform key processes around 85% of the total work, combined with extensive experience in construction and start-up of treatment facilities, provides a high degree of control over project cost, quality and schedule.

We can construct water treatment plants under any contract delivery method including lump sum bid, design-build and its many hybrids, and guaranteed maximum with shared savings. Many types of Operation and project financing options are available.

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