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Our Green Energy Center model can help you achieve key goals:

Fueling at Ohio Green Energy Center

FirmGreen’s Green Energy Center© (“GEC”) is defined as an integrated energy complex in which waste fuels, such as landfill gas, Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) or biomass, is received at a processing center and treated in an efficient and environmentally sound process to produce electricity, thermal energy, and alternative fuels. The energy and fuels produced are available for use by industries within the complex. Excess electrical energy can be exported to other private or municipal users or sold wholesale to the power grid.

Methane from landfills, biomass, waste water treatment plants and coal beds can be extracted and cleaned to pipeline quality natural gas using our patented and proprietary process. Further processing can economically produce methanol, or hydrogen for use by alternative fuel vehicles.

The GEC model provides significant benefits to the sponsoring group, particularly in the forms of waste resource management, water treatment and water conservation, creation of construction and permanent jobs, and generation of increased tax revenue from an enlarged industrial tax base.

FirmGreen works with the local public and private sector to select appropriate GEC sites. For each of the GEC facilities, the energy generation equipment is fitted with the required pollution controls to meet Environmental Protection Agency (”EPA”) Best Available Control Technology criteria or international standards. Each GEC facility is designed to provide the best utilization of local municipal waste and water resources in an environmentally responsible manner.

  • reduce operational costs
  • best use of local energy assets
  • long-term environmental compliance for facility and fleet with one project
  • new revenue streams
  • stabilize fleet fuel costs long-term
  • superior economics for long-term project viability

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