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GEC Benefits > Gás Verde Biogas Reclamation Project

FirmGreen, Inc. (FGI) is exporting its green technology that enables processing dirty landfill gas into pipeline grade methane (natural gas) and Food Grade Liquid CO2, to a biogas reclamation project near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

The Gás Verde facility in Brazil uses FirmGreen's technology to capture and treat 20,000 normal cubic meters per hour (nM3/hr) of raw landfill gas to produce 9,000 nM3/hr of fuel-grade biomethane gas. The biomethane sold under FirmGreen’s trademark, gCNG®, will be transmitted through a dedicated pipeline to a nearby refinery owned and operated by Petroléo Brasileiro S.A. (Petrobras), Brazil’s national oil-and-gas company.

FirmGreen's patented VerdeControls™ plant control software, and proprietary VerdeWatts™ renewable energy system will be used to generate 2.4 MW of renewable electricity on site from a portion of the cleaned biogas, allowing the facility to be self-sustaining.  FirmGreen is providing construction supervision, plant start-up and commissioning, and initial operational support services.

The environmental benefits of the Novo Gramacho project are substantial: capture, purification, and use of the cleaned biogas at the site significantly reduces passive emissions from the landfill into the atmosphere. Additionally, biomethane from the Novo Gramacho plant will directly replace about 10 percent of the fossil-fuel energy resources that are consumed at the Petrobras refinery.

Total greenhouse-gas reductions associated with this project are estimated to be approximately 1.4 million metric tons annually. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that such emission reductions are equal to eliminating the consumption of 160 million gallons of gasoline or removing approximately 280,000 passenger vehicles from the road each year.

Accomplishments of the Project

By displacing the use of fossil-fuel related natural gas, the project will create renewable energy credits. A portion of the CERs issued for the project will be used to finance the urban recovery of the landfill surroundings (Jardim Gramacho district). Moreover, Novo Gramacho will donate an annual contribution to a special purpose fund aimed train the people who have been living from picking the waste during its disposal in the landfill.

This project offers environmental and social responsibility benefits, as well as economic profitability:

  • enables one of the world's largest landfills to convert its "dirty" methane gas (a by-product of trash decomposition that lingers for years and is more environmentally harmful than carbon dioxide) into clean, usable biomethane gas
  • is self-sustaining; generates enough electricity for its own operations with energy powered by a portion of the cleaned biogas
  • cleaned biogas from the Novo Gramacho plant will directly replace about 10 percent of the fossil-fuel energy resources that are consumed at the Petrobras facility
  • generated approximately 165 new jobs for highly skilled workers in seven states across the U.S.
  • contributes to urban renewal in a profoundly disadvantaged community adjacent to the landfill
  • a portion of the profits will be directed to benefit waste-pickers with job training for a better future

View photos of the facility in Brazil.
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If you own/operate a landfill, waste water treatment plant, or another facility that generates biogas and have an interest in developing a renewable energy project at your facility, please complete our Biogas Resource Evaluation Form.


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