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FirmGreen Benefits from $48.6M
Ex-Im Bank Project Funding

FirmGreen's green technology gets a boost from
the Ex-Im project financing: the transaction is Ex-Im's
first financing for biogas reclamation and development.
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U. S. EPA Recognizes FirmGreen
With a Project of the Year Award

FirmGreen's landfill gas to CNG fueling operation project
in Franklin County, Ohio was recognized by the
U.S. EPA's Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP)
with a 2008 Project of the Year Award.
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Ohio GEC Receives SWANA Award

The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)
recognized the Green Energy Center, developed by
FirmGreen in partnership with SWACO, as its
2009 Innovation Award winner.
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Using Landfill Gas for Energy and Industry in Brazil

FirmGreen, Inc. (FGI) is exporting its green technology, that will process landfill gas into pipeline grade methane (natural gas) and Food Grade Liquid CO2.  In addition FirmGreen will provide its patented VerdeControls™ plant control software, and provide 2.4 MW of renewable electricity using its proprietary VerdeWatts™ renewable energy system.  FirmGreen will provide construction supervision, plant start-up and commissioning, and initial operational support services.

Once the plant is in full operation, the Gás Verde facility in Brazil will use the FirmGreen technology to clean 12,000 scfm (standard cubic feet per minute) of landfill gas into usable, pipeline gas.   The EPA estimates that such emission reductions are equal to the annual greenhouse gas emissions from removing 278,400 passenger vehicles from the road and/or reducing the CO₂ emissions from 159.6 million gallons of gasoline consumed.

By displacing the use of fossil-fuel related natural gas, the project will create renewable energy credits. A portion of the CERs issued for the project will be used to finance the urban recovery of the landfill surroundings (Jardim Gramacho district). Moreover, Novo Gramacho will donate an annual contribution to a special purpose fund aimed train the people who have been living from picking the waste during its disposal in the landfill.

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Biogas-to-CNG Harnesses Landfill Methane for Fueling

CNGFirmGreen, Inc. developed a high Btu landfill gas utilization project near Columbus, Ohio in a public-private partnership with the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO).

The facility collects and cleans landfill gas (methane) using patented technology developed in Ohio. The cleaned methane is then further processed into gCNG® for use in CNG powered vehicles.  gCNG® is FirmGreen’s trademarked brand name for compressed natural gas from renewable sources such as landfill gas and biomass. It is a remarkable Biofuel that does not compete with food resources.

Given SWACO’s plan to fuel its vehicles with CNG derived from its own landfill gas, the biomethane produced was required to meet OEM specification for CNG fuel. The ability of FirmGreen's technology to accomplish this goal was a key factor in selection the company to develop the project.

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Accomplish Multiple Goals with a Single Project

The GEC model enables technical and economic feasibility of high Btu biogas projects, even for smaller facilities. With FirmGreen's technology and business approach, project sponsors and/or owners can typically accomplish multiple goals with a single project that:

  • is self-sustaining; generates enough electricity for its own operations using a portion of the cleaned biogas
  • creates a flexible business model that can sell electricity to the grid, produce vehicle quality fuel and/or pipeline quality natural gas
  • demonstrates viable biogas utilization (even for smaller landfill operations) that not only improves air quality at the site, but also creates a stable, long term source of alternative fuel that is cleaner than the fossil-based fuel it replaces, produced at an economically competitive cost
  • enables an effective response to environmental policy mandates with respect to waste utilization, greenhouse gas reduction, renewable portfolio standards (RPS), and fleet emission standards with a single project.

Why fuel with "biomethane"? Find out more about its benefits...
CNG 101 - information courtesy BAF Technologies

If you own/operate a landfill, waste water treatment plant, or another facility that generates biogas and have an interest in developing a renewable energy project at your facility, please complete our Biogas Resource Evaluation Form.


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