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Project Criteria

Our approach to project development starts with listening to your goals. We will evaluate the resources you have available to achieve those goals, and propose a design that balances your goals with economic viability, and environmental responsibility. We'll also advise you if goals need to be adjusted based on your resources.

FirmGreen is committed to developing facilities that:

  • generate value for the facility owner
  • provide the best utilization of local resources, such as solar, municipal waste and water
  • operate in an environmentally responsible manner
  • benefit the host community on a long term basis with job creation and an enlarged tax base


Turnkey Construction Services

FirmGreen can provide turnkey service to design, build, operate and maintain renewable energy projects. Whether you are planning to develop a solar energy project or a biogas processing facility and on-site fueling operation, FirmGreen has the expertise to manage project development from design, through construction, and day-to-day operation. You save time, and remain focused on your business rather than managing a construction project. FirmGreen provides the full range of services necessary to successfully complete your project:

  • design
  • civil engineering
  • permitting
  • equipment fabrication
  • grid interconnect

Renewable energy projects can provide predictable costs for your facility's energy needs on a long-term basis. Renewable biogas-to-fuel projects can generate significant new revenue streams, and/or fuel your own fleet, at a significant savings over today's fuel costs.

FirmGreen’s renewable energy projects respond to environmental policy mandates
with respect to best practices for water use, waste utilization, carbon sequestration and
greenhouse gas reduction.

FirmGreen's solar projects incorporate "smart" controls to enhance system uptime and overall reliability for facility owners to deliver a more profitable operation. For biogas projects, FirmGreen safely processes methane from resources that are typically wasted —landfills, waste water treatment facilities, and livestock operations—to produce clean biogas that is equivalent to natural gas from fossil fuel sources.

Our renewable energy projects offer communities the opportunity to address multiple objectives in a single project.

  • Sustainability – financially and environmentally
  • Sound management of land and water resources
  • Sound asset management of waste, historically considered a liability rather than an asset
  • Integration of waste management with development of clean, sustainable transportation fuels
  • Domestically produced biofuels that do not compete with food resources
  • Greater energy self-sufficiency, reducing vulnerability to spikes in energy prices

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If you own/operate a landfill, waste water treatment plant, or another facility that generates biogas and have an interest in developing a renewable energy project at your facility, please complete our  Biogas Resource Evaluation Form.

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