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Biogas is Back on Legislative Agenda at House of Representatives

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Democrative Legislators Lead the Way on Biogas Bill

NEWPORT BEACH, CA----Introduced Wednesday by Reps. Ron Kind (D-Wis.) and John Lewis (D-Ga.), House Bill H.R.860 would allow “biogas” technology to qualify for a 30 percent investment tax credit, putting the renewable source of energy on par with solar.

Currently, only projects that generate electricity from methane are eligible for tax credits. Dubbed the "Biogas Investment Tax Credit", the bill would expand those credits to allow all types of biogas use to qualify for the credit. In addition, the bill allows biogas to qualify for bond financing. The legislation applies to biogas that is at least 52 percent methane. However, most biogas being produced in the US contains 60 - 70% methane, so this isn't a serious limitation.

Kind and Lewis aim to promote the use of waste biogas (mostly methane) from sources such as anaerobic digesters, landfill gas, and wastewater treatmemt facilities for pipeline and vehicle use as well as electrical generation. Expanded use of biomethane can help improve air quality, reduce agricultural waste and runoff, which also helps protect water quality.

The House members introduced similar legislation last year, but the bill died in committee.

FirmGreen applauds this measure: it puts biogas projects that produce vehicle fuel and/or
pipeline quality gas on a level playing field with projects that produce only electricity. In an era of
cheap natural gas from traditional fossil fuel sources, the bill could also help renewable natural
gas be more competitive in the U.S. market. (the rest of the world has much higher natural gas prices)

Follow progress of the bill and subscribe to updates about the bill on this page:|/bss/|
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