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Biomethane Production Gets Underway at Landfill Gas-To-Energy Plant

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GVSA's Novo Gramacho landfill gas-to-energy plant completes first commercial sale of biomethane product gas.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA----Nov 26, 2013 — FirmGreen Inc. (FirmGreen), a small renewable-energy company based in Orange County, Calif., is pleased to announce that GVSA's Biogas Purification Plant has begun commercial sales of its biomethane production. The first batch of biogas was successfully delivered to Petrobrás, the customer, this Monday. Once the facility ramps up production to full capacity, it will treat 20,000 normal cubic meters per hour (nM3/hr) of raw landfill gas to produce 9,000 nM3/hr of fuel-grade biomethane gas. The plant at Novo Gramacho also produces Food Grade Liquid CO2 from the landfill's gas; production of liquid CO2 commenced during late August of this year.

FirmGreen supplies proprietary 'green' technology that enables economical processing of biogas to produce clean alternative fuels such as biomethane. Its patented VerdeControls™ plant control software, and proprietary VerdeWatts™ energy management system are used to generate 2.4 MW of renewable electricity on site from a portion of the cleaned biogas, allowing the facility to be self-sustaining.  FirmGreen handled turnkey project development with planning and permitting, construction supervision, plant start-up and commissioning, and provides operational support services.

In 2010, Brazil enacted a new National Solid Waste Management law aimed at ending decades of illegal dumps and inadequate management of waste at existing legal landfills. With tightened regulation and increased disposal costs, Gás Verde, SA — which had recently become the facility management at Jardim Gramacho, was looking for solutions that would be cost-effective and environmentally responsible. FirmGreen's approach to harnessing energy from waste provided a compelling development strategy since it offered new revenue streams for the waste facility and addressed environmental compliance issues with a single project.


About FirmGreen:
FirmGreen Inc. is a privately held, integrated energy company that participates in virtually all aspects of the global green-energy business.  FirmGreen identifies, develops and commercializes new and emerging technologies and alternative fuels.  The company has 37 employees at its headquarters in Newport Beach, Calif., its lab and manufacturing plant in Kokomo, Ind., and its green-energy project-financing operations in New York City.  The company also has U.S.-based employees in Brazil.  For more information on this privately held, entrepreneurial organization, please visit, Facebook and Twitter.

For interviews requests with FirmGreen’s CEO Steve Wilburn, please contact Corporate Office Manager, Margaret von Tiesenhausen, at 949.270.2941,


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