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FirmGreen to Supply Technology for Clean Transportation Fuels Project in California

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California Energy Commission Acts to Fund Clean Alternative Fuels for Transportation

NEWPORT BEACH, CA----This week the California Energy Commission approved funding for projects that will put more alternative fueled vehicles on the road in California. FirmGreen is supplying its patented technology for cleaning biogas to one of the projects, a facility that will process food waste diverted from a landfill in Chino into clean biomethane for vehicle fuel.

Senior Administrative staff presented the President's position on the budget negotiations, emphasizing their united focus on finding a viable path away from the fiscal cliff, and sensitivity to concerns of small business owners regarding any potential tax increases. Business leaders and the administrative officials then discussed the President's budgetary framework to avoid the looming sequestration—a set of mandatory government spending cuts and tax increases—that occurs January 1, 2013 if a budget deal is not reached in advance.

"These awards will put more clean energy vehicles on the road, and provide support for an innovative project that turns food waste into renewable fuel," said Energy Commissioner Carla Peterman. "These investments are crucial to transforming the state's transportation sector, while creating jobs and improving air quality for all Californians."

The approved awards were made through the Commission's Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, created by Assembly Bill 118. The program is slated to invest approximately $90 million during this fiscal year to encourage the development and use of new technologies and alternative and renewable fuels, with the goal of reducing dependence on foreign oil and improving the environment. It is funded through surcharges on vehicle and boating registration, and smog check and license plate fees.

Environ Strategy Consultants, Inc., in Orange (Orange County), will receive $1,211,370 to design and install a new system to pre-process solid food waste for use in two existing anaerobic digesters at a solid waste facility in Chino. The digesters will use the waste to produce biogas.

FirmGreen, Inc. will supply the technology required to upgrade the cleaned biogas to an energy content that is equivalent to natural gas, which will compressed for use as vehicle fuel. The renewable compressed natural gas (CNG) fuel—known as biomethane, will displace the use of diesel fuel.

The pilot project supported by this grant will produce enough biomethane to displace the use of 750 to 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel. The renewable CNG will be used to power heavy-duty garbage collection trucks and an on-site generator producing renewable electricity for the facility.

This fuel has 88 percent lower carbon intensity than ultra-low-sulfur diesel. The project will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by diverting food waste from landfills that release methane gas directly into the atmosphere.

This article compiled using information from the related California Energy Commission Press Release - click here to read (opens in new tab or window)


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FirmGreen Inc. is a privately held, integrated energy company that participates in virtually all aspects of the global green-energy business.  FirmGreen identifies, develops and commercializes new and emerging technologies and alternative fuels. Headquartered in Newport Beach, Calif., the company has 37 employees in it management and manufacturing facilities.  The company also has U.S.-based employees in Brazil.  For more information on this privately held, entrepreneurial organization, please visit, Facebook and Twitter.

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