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December 2012 Status: Update on FirmGreen's Biogas Project in Brazil

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  • Aerial View

    Bird's Eye Project View

    At the top of the photo, you can see Novo Gramacho the landfill depicted in the Wasteland movie. This large landfill is the source of the biogas that will be cleaned using FirmGreen's green technology, currently being installed at Gás Verde's biogas purification plant.

    The yellow line represents the route of the pipeline that will transport cleaned gas to a nearby customer — Brazil's largest company, Petrobras.

  • Gás Verde and FirmGreen

    Project Secures Ex-Im Loan

    FirmGreen's technology gets a boost from Ex-Im Bank's $48.6M loan to the biogas project in Brazil.

    Ex-Im Bank announced the loan approval on May 30th, 2012. The bank's financial support demonstrates their confidence in the performance of FirmGreen's technology and the long-term financial viability of the project.
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  • Gás Verde Plant Progress

    Biogas Plant Panorama

    Construction progress as of late September 2012.

    Visible above is the front of the facility.

    Below, in the rear panorama, the (yellow) building visible on the left is the power substation.

  • Flexible Pipeline Arrives at the Gate

    Flexible Pipeline Arrives

    A convoy of large trucks arrive at the entry gate, carrying huge reels of flexible piping. The flexible pipe is necessary due to the presence of a water channel between the landfill and the customer for the gas.

    The pipeline will transport biogas that has been cleaned using FirmGreen's green technology from Gás Verde's biogas purification plant, to Petrobras.

  • Pipeline Convoy Heads Uphill to the Project Site

    The Convoy That Could...

    After clearing the entry gate, the convoy of trucks heads uphill to the biogas project site. Yes, that's the landfill in the background — rising 300+ feet above the elevation of the surrounding terrain.

    The next slide shows an example of a trenchless borehole beneath a water channel, and how the flexible pipeline will be pulled through.

  • Pipeline

    Underwater in Brazil...

    The illustrations at right depict the process of boring beneath road & the waterway along the pipeline route visible in the first slide image.

    Constructing the pipeline that will deliver cleaned biomethane fuel is all a part of the project, which will help improve air quality at the landfill while making beneficial use of its waste gas to provide cleaner power for industry.

  • Pipeline

    After the drill...

    Workers prepare to connect sections of flexible piping that was "threaded" through the pipeline route shown in the previous slide.

    In the background, a gap in the metal pipeline is visible. Small concrete pads indicate the route where piping will be installed to complete a pipeline that will carry cleaned biomethane fuel from the biogas plant to the customer.

    The large blue reels at right held the flexible pipeline until its installation.

  • Equipment install in Brazil

    On the Ground in Brazil

    The construction team in Brazil continues to install the biogas processing equipment as it arrives.

    Shown behind the workers are "purge vessels" that filter impurities out of the biogas.

  • Equipment Assembly - lower biogas column

    Installing the "Wash" Column

    After arrival at the Gás Verde facility; the lower section of the biogas "wash" column is carefully attached to the crane that will lift it into place.

    The wash column uses the carbon dioxide (CO2) already present in the biogas to remove impurities — a simple and effective process!

  • Lower biogas column in place

    Safety First

    Surrounded by scaffolding, the lower column is in place.

    The crew in Brazil is harnessed safely, about 30 feet above ground level, and now awaits the next section of the column.

  • Workers Guide Column into Place

    Installation Continues

    The workers carefully guide the upper section of the wash column into place, while the crane operator slowly lowers this remaining piece of the equipment.

    The CO2 Wash is a core piece of technology for the biogas processing that will produce pipeline quality natural gas from dirty landfill methane.

  • Column Assembled and Seated in Place

    Column Assembly Complete!

    On the left side of the image: workers have the upper section of the column properly seated on the lower section.

    On the right: "all clear"! The column is released from the crane cabling, this task safely completed.

  • Aerial view of Novo Gramacho area

    Aerial Overview – Dec 2012

    At foreground of the image: the biogas processing facility is shown.

    In the background (eastward), the Novo Gramacho landfill is the source of the biogas that is being captured and cleaned to use as fuel.

    The water visible in the "upper-right" – which is south of the landfill, is Guanabara Bay.

  • Gás Verde Biogas Processing Plant

    View Looking East

    At foreground of the image is a closer view of the biogas processing facility and entry road.

    Bisecting the plant is an overhead structure with electrical conduits for the plant's operation, plus pipelines for "incoming" dirty biogas, and "outgoing" cleaned biogas.

    Novo Gramacho landfill rises in the background. Faintly visible beyond is the Petrobras facility that will use the cleaned biogas.

  • Gás Verde Biogas Processing Plant

    View South–Southeast

    In the foreground is a rear view of the biogas processing facility. On the left, the yellow building is the plant's power substation that uses some of the cleaned biogas for fuel.

    Just beyond, the building with light roof is the controls/operation building.

    Guanabara Bay is visible in the background, with the southwestern slope of the landfill seen at far left.

  • Global FirmGreen Energy

    Check Back Soon!

    We will post more photos as the facility becomes operational, so check back for updates.

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