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FirmGreen Export of Green Technology to Brazil Is Underway

  • AM Greeting

    Starting Point: Dublin, Ohio

    Dave Church, of Guild Associates, Inc. greets Dena Elbayoumy, of FirmGreen, Inc.

    The team at Guild Associates has been hard at work fabricating FirmGreen's equipment.

    It's a big day; the first shipment is now ready to be transported to Brazil, where it will be used to clean landfill gas so that it becomes clean biogas, with an energy content equivalent to natural gas.

  • Equipment Yard

    It's Moving Day

    FirmGreen equipment in Dublin, Ohio is on standby early morning in Ohio.

    Soon, the team at Guild Associates, Inc. (the equipment fabricator) will get this, and many other parts, ready to be loaded for transport.

  • Packing Crew

    A Long Day Gets Started

    Padding protects parts in route from Dublin, Ohio to Houston, Texas.

    The crew in Ohio is making sure each piece of the biogas processing equipment is secure for the long journey ahead to Brazil.  

  • Forklift

    From Yard to Truck

    A heavy duty forklift prepares to load equipment. This machinery is part of a biogas processing plant that produces pipeline quality natural gas from dirty landfill methane.

    In addition to creating skilled jobs for Americans, export of the green energy technology will provide good jobs for many of the Novo Gramacho Landfill workers depicted in the 2011 Academy Awards nominated documentary film Waste Land.  

  • Soft landing

    Safe Landing!

    The large load is almost safely on the flatbed.

    Find out more about natural gas (methane) fuel, and what's different about renewable vs. traditional methane fuels. Find out why FirmGreen's gCNG — natural gas from renewable sources, is environmentally sound energy.
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  • Article #5

    Loaded and Locked

    The job of loading and securing the equipment being well done, workers in Ohio now hand off the baton to Houston.

    Now the trucking team will cover the route from Dublin to Houston.  

  • Article #5

    Houston, We Have a Solution
            ...and It's on the Way

    FirmGreen's biogas equipment is on the road to Houston.

    The oversize load will travel carefully along a route mapped out in advance to avoid clearance issues at underpasses.


  • Shipping Yard

    Houston Shipping Yard

    FirmGreen's Steve Johnson greets Dimas Maia of Arcadis at the shipping yard. The biogas equipment is on the ground.

    Now the team at Arcadis will handle the next steps of logisitics: getting the cargo aboard the ship.  

  • It's a Wrap!

    It's a Wrap!

    Mutliple skids are carefully labeled; the biogas processing plant is one huge 3-D puzzle at this point.

    The equipment is now staged and ready to go aboard the ship.  

  • Cargo Loading

    Loading the Cargo

    Our biogas cleaning plant is carefully loaded aboard the Industrial Destiny, part by part.

    Workers at the Houston shipping terminal keep a close watch as the crane operator does his work.

  • Cargo Aboard

    Cargo Safely Aboard the 'Industrial Destiny'

    An aptly named vessel - the Industrial Destiny, is now headed to Brazil with Firmgreen's green technology on board.

    This one project is generating hundreds of jobs, throughout six U.S.states—Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, California, Michigan, Texas—and of course, in Brazil.

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  • Halfway Mark

    'Green' Cargo Arrives at Port
    in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    The Industrial Destiny left Houston, Texas mid-June with FirmGreen's cargo aboard, and reached her destination in Rio de Janeiro, July 5th.

    The cargo is being unloaded and will soon be on its way to the Novo Gramacho Landfill near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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