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New Vehicle Labels Provide More Info on Fuel Costs & Emissions

On May 25, 2011 regulation was signed that requires automakers to implement new vehicle labels by 2013 – manufacturers can voluntarily adopt the new label for 2012 models.

What does this mean for you?

  • The new labels will provide consumers with much more accurate information about actual costs of fueling the vehicle of their choice over the next five years compared to the average new vehicle.
  • For the first time, consumers will be able to compare energy use and emissions for new vehicles - side by side - including comparison between gasoline and electric, plug-in hybrids and other alternative fuels.
  • An MPGe standard (miles per gallon gasoline equivalent) will be used to compare the number of miles a non-gasoline vehicle can travel on an amount of energy that equals the energy in one gallon of gasoline.

The new label features meaningful comparisons of tailpipe emissions, and the energy factors that were used to create the rating. Consumers will be able to scan a barcode on the label with their smartphone at the car dealership to get information specific to their location in terms of electricity and/or local fuel costs, provided they have downloaded the scanner app. The same information will be available at

Vehicle labels have also been developed for:

  • compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles,
  • E85 flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs), and
  • hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs)

The bottom line is that the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are trying to give consumers the best information possible to understand the total costs of their new vehicle purchase, from fuel economy to environmental impact.
Get more info at

To see an example for each of the new labels, click here. (PDF opens in new browser tab or window, 1.4MB)


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